Thursday, 21 May 2009

HorrorWith reference to the films you have studied, explore the controversial idea that genre is dead?

Genre defines a film and gives the audience an idea for a plotline but underneath all these genres are sub genres and genres that cross over with this being said I will discuss whether genre is dead?

 Genre is evolutionary and goes in a cycle. The cycle starts with a genre with a genre being established for example one horror movie may cause a high box office rating this stage, this is also known as the innovation stage named by theorist Thomas Schatz. Halloween (Dir John Carpenter) is an example of innovation as it pioneered the future of horror movies.

 Then the genre will hit peak reparation which will have genre expectations set known as the classical phase. Scream (Dir Wes Craven) was inspired heavily on Halloween. 

The cycle then moves on to parody where a genre is taken advantage of and draws attention to its codes and convention and can also possibly also make a mockery of the genre, Scary Movie (Dir Keenen Ivory Wayans) is a good example of parody as it takes many codes and conventions of a horror movie and plays with them thus also making a mockery of the genre.

 The cycle then comes full circle with deconstruction phase which shows the genre has gone through a transformation.


When a film is made it is stereotyped into a genre category but more and more films are struggling to fit less than one genre. On Halloween under genre is considered a Horror and a thriller.  Although genre can be called a vague category it still gives a brief outline. For Genre to survive maybe the boundaries of genre need to be tighter.

 Although genre could also be no more due to there being so many sub genres thus meaning that genre as a huge label no longer exist only small labels that have small boundaries.

 I believe that genre is slowly dying due to constant changes and sub genres combining to make new film codes and conventions.

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