Wednesday, 1 April 2009

ITC Programme Code:- Main Concerns

Main Concerns

Family Viewing Policy, Offence to Good Taste and Decency, Portrayal of
Violence and Respect for Human Dignity

  • Family Viewing Policy and the Watershed
  • Children and Imitative Behaviour
  • Prizes in children’s competitions
  • Bad Language
  • Sex and Nudity
  • Violence

Ofcom care deeply about childrens lifestyle with children poilcy being a major part of their programme code with strict regualtions. I Believe that children are a big part of our future and these codes are here to protect our future and our children.

Privacy, fairness and gathering of information

  • Filming and recording of members of the public
  • In circumstances of distress
  • Secret filming and recording

I Feel these regulations are in place to protect us and are very important

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